Do institutions serve their geographic constituents? Evidence from student migratory patterns

This RShiny web-app provides a resource for higher-ed stakeholders and researchers to investigate migration patterns of postsecondary learners.

The Higher-Ed Coronavirus Response in the Public Sector

Using data form the College Crisis Initiative, this project discusses the usage of dimensionality reduction techniques and feature importance algorithms to analyze fall re-opening plans.

The Generalized Synthetic Control Method: A Powerful ML Algorithm to Produce Counterfactual Estimates for Experimental Data

This post will cover the Generalized Synthetic Control method, a ML algorithm that is lesser known within Data Science circles.

Isolating the Mechanisms Behind the Test-Optional Admissions Policy

Using machine learning classification algorithms, this paper reveals varying motives for postsecondary institutions adopting the test-optional admissions policy.

Everyone Wants to Win: Even the Admissions Officers

Winner of the 2019 Rhodes College Lynn Nettleton Prize in Economics, this paper uses fixed-effects regression models to study the symbiotic relationship of collegiate athletics and institutional research.